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the progression of sherlock holmes - friend status

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J: So what were we doing there?
S: Oh, just passing the time. And proving a point.
J: What point?

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[trans] List of Member Enrolled in Goosehouse


Found an interesting graph about timeline of each Goosehouse’s members at here:
translated by me
Here it is!


This is an Illustration of 12 people who enrolled in Goosehouse.
Upon d-ize…

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Mind Palace John is fucking gorgeous.

Are you surprised

That’s how Sherlock sees him


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the most important of all previews

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Fishing spot~


Fishing spot~

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Since Tama became the stationmaster, the Kishigawa line has become a big tourist destination. One of the trains has been decked out with calico decor. There are cat shaped lights, Tama patterned curtains, and, just in case you get bored in the 20 minutes it takes to get from one end of the line to the other, book cases filled with cat themed books and manga. While I only got the chance to ride the more popular Tama train, there are also two other “strawberry” and “toy” themed trains. But I mean… they’re not cat-shaped, so how do you compete with that?

i just can’t ever understand japanese point of view ._.

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Beauty Hiyorin is beauty~

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I recently watched Noragami, and become so bothered to see how Yato’s condition being worse and worse and Yukine doesn’t even have a clue X(
The scene where Kazuma had a conversation with Hiyori and the audio went missing, i thought he would say “I’m the one who will kill Yukine”. I got sooo stuck when he actually say “Yato ga shinu” (omg yukine IS important T.T)

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This is perfect.

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